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Fernando Bartomeo

About me:

Fernando Bartomeo - About me

I grew doodling on the notebook margins, not knowing or understanding that drawing could be a form of expression. It was through taking classes that I discovered the pleasure of drawing.

I always drew informally but from mid 06, when I started to take drawing classes with plastic artist Noelia Gil, I discovered the magic and wanders of experimenting with a white paper and a pencil.

As I continue drawing, my teacher had this to say about my work:

"In his pencil drawings Fernando Bartomeo captures images charged of sensibility and subtleness. He chooses to show us the interior of the people that he represents, and he comes back to the pencil, his partner and accomplice, with a moving result".

Her words, that I thank from the bottom of my heart, served to encourage me in this long and pleasant journey that I am living.

Drawing starts with the search for the object, I feel naturally attracted to the human figure, feet, hands, nudes…, situations where I feel a special connection, people that I love in work situations, statues that have an emotional feeling to me, images of artistic value, are some of the choices that I have experimented so far.

Once I overcome the anguish of planting the first lines, is when I start enjoying the drawing. It is particularly enjoyable when I begin to see the image in three dimensions. I cannot escape the uncertainty that I feel towards the end, until I find the next drawing to make.

Due to the necessity of being evaluated, I presented the drawings in two art shows, and to my surprise both drawings presented in the "Salón de otoño 2008" of "Ateneo Esteban Echeverría" of San Fernando City, received mentions, and a first prize. I was also accepted in the "Salón de otoño 2008" of "Sociedad Argentina de Artistas Plásticos (SAAP)".

Seeing my drawings with pieces from famous artists was very emotional. I also liked to receive the comments about the pieces of people that attended the shows.

In the future I would like to keep experimenting with other forms of expression, like color, paint and others.  But I feel that the relationship with pencil drawings will always be special to me.

The pieces displayed are for sale, most of the work is by commission. Questions through contact.

Fernando Bartomeo - Argentine
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